Shafik Hirji’s Forgery Arrest

The reality: Shafik Hirji was arrested and charged in a complicated mortgage fraud case.

Shafik Hirji’s version of what happened is that he never received any money, as accused, and that the case was a complete fabrication — and that’s why it was dismissed.

However, the state tripped up, and ultimately the cases were dismissed due to the statute of limitations running out. (And very good “lawyering” by Bill Terry.)

By reading court documents filed in support of the case of mortgage fraud that was brought against Shafik Hirji, you’ll find an entirely different accounting of what the state of Nevada said actually happened. How a guy like Shafik Hirji allegedly cooks up a scheme like he did, then execute it, then get away with it in the long run is almost beyond comprehension.

Here’s what was laid out in the court documents:
• Shafik Hirji allegedly presented forged signatures of property owners on home refinancing documents to a notary public for validation, which would allow him to receive more than $100,000 (see item above)
• Shafik Hirji was alleged to have gotten a notary public to validate the forged signatures
• Shafik Hirji received $100,000-plus as a result of the transaction, which was deposited into an account for Destiny Investments, DBA (doing business as) Purrfect Auto Service (see document image below)

Please note: it looks like many things have changed with Shafik Hirji over time — except for that really bad toupee!