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Death of 85-Year-Old Invalid That Shafik Hirji Ripped Off Related to the Man’s $100,000 Life Savings Investment Apparently Has No Effect on Hirji, Who Continues to Live a Lavish Lifestyle

An 85-year-old invalid, who required constant round-the-clock care from his 56-year-old son, died two days ago while waiting for a payout from his and his son’s $100,000 investment in the Shafik Hirji-run Furniture Fashions stores. This 85-year-old man died after… (READ MORE)

Shafik Hirji’s “Door” Lawyer, Daniel Marks ESQ, Nevada State Bar No. 002003, Is In My Opinion a Bottom-Feeder (Mental Midget) Who Obviously Doesn’t Check the Credibility of His Own Clients

Daniel Marks, ESQ – Nevada State Bar No. 002003 – filed an answer and counter-claim (excerpt below) to my lawsuit on Shafik Hirji and Shafik Brown’s behalf. LMAO! After I picked myself up after rolling on the floor laughing (ROTFL)… (READ MORE)