Shafik Hirji – Movin’ on Up During a Pandemic;

Buying Exotic Cars & Renting Multi-Million Dollar Homes

The fun all started when Shafik Hirji and his alleged TikTok wannabe wife, Adrienne Alhamid, showed up in a video standing by an orange BMW convertible, which he claimed she bought for him, but in reality was just another Shady Shafik straw deal.

According to my sources, his mother in law, S. Hirji, flew in from California to sign the paperwork at a local BMW dealership here in the Vegas area for the orange BMW “M” series convertible. 

The array of high-end cars in Shafik Hirji’s driveway, with plate-holders and plate cards from faraway Georgia and Omaha, Nebraska.

The mystery deepens as anonymous sources not only told but sent pictures of several new cars at his (old?) Botticelli Drive address also in the Seven Hills area of Henderson outside of Las Vegas (currently under some sort of remodel) including a Mercedes, S-63 AMG (white sedan seen in the collage of photos above), a red Porsche 911 convertible, and another Mercedes GT red convertible.

A second set of mysteries surround a white Mercedes S-63 AMG that has a temporary tag, long expired, from the state of Georgia; while the red Porsche 911 convertible with a plate holder from (Omaha, Neb.) and a second Mercedes from Bentley of Omaha also leaves me scratching my head. Why would Shady Shafik procure these vehicles from Georgia and Omaha when there are plenty of reputable dealers right here in the Las Vegas area? Would you go to Georgia and/or Omaha to buy your next car and assume the costs of transporting it halfway or all the way across the country? 

Not to mention the house that Hirji is currently living in on Villa Rica Drive, (which according to Kevin Ghafouria, allegedly costs Shafik/Rahim Hirji $15,000 a month to rent). And the previous house Hirji was in is undergoing what looks to be extensive renovation judging from the amount of debris that has been piled into a dumpster that’s in the driveway (as well as apparent extensive renovation of a backyard pool).

Things must be looking up in these pandemic times for the Hirji clan. Not gonna hold them back from their constant march forward to scoop up more and more very pricey material items.

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