Kevin Ghafouria – Shakedown

(A real pillar of the community)

Will the real Kevin Ghafouria please stand up. Actually, his first name is not Kevin, it’s Kaveh. Is Kevin/Kaveh a Las Vegas “Realtor Extraordinaire?” We don’t think so.

On or about September 21, 2020, good ol’ Kevin asked to borrow $1,500. As the days went on, Kevin, I mean Kaveh, said “I have something more valuable to leave you than a check for the loan.”

Ok, he got my interest.

Kevin informed me that Shafik Hirji and his girlfriend, Adrienne Alhamid (the TikTok wannabe couple), moved into my neighborhood a short time ago. Kevin went on to inform me that, allegedly, Mr. Rahim Hirji (remember, he’s one of Shafik’s sons) leased a house at 1581 Villa Rica Drive in Henderson, NV, (right down the street and around the corner from me) for $15,000 a month. My immediate response was, “Another straw deal for Shafik.”

Not a bad deal, right? Fifteen grand (allegedly*) for a monthly house rental payment (furnished, no less)? How can a guy like Hirji, afford to go lease a home in an exclusive, multi-million dollar neighborhood in the Seven Hills area of Henderson? Court records show that Shafik Hirji still owes the state of Nevada more than $350,000 (which he has openly denied, however the lien is still on the records).

Not only that, but ol’ Kevin Ghafouria filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2012 because he was in over his head, with almost $10 million in liabilities (see below). He recently had this converted (June of 2020) to a Chapter 7 filing.

  • *Kevin Ghafouria tried to shake me down for $1,500 not as a loan but as a gift for information, and said he would provide a select set of personal details that would convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that Shafik was the beneficiary of a straw deal, and that his son, Rahim, was the one fronting the rental deal. Public records gave a completely different address along with a homestead for Rahim Hirji.

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