Shafik Hirji and the story of sons Rahim Hirji and Shafik Brown (same father, different mothers):

The Story of Liens, Judgments & Bankruptcies
(Case No. 08-10782-mkn – Rahim’s bankruptcy)

They say if you don’t learn from history, you’re destined to repeat it. That would be the case with Rahim Hirji (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) and his bankruptcy filing from some time ago. He was just trying to help dad out. (He had nearly $3 million in liabilities listed in the bankruptcy documents.) Guess he didn’t learn much from his dad, who also has a bankruptcy filing.

When things blew up with Rahim, Shafik Hirji decided to to groom his other son, Shafik Brown, to allegedly exploit his other son’s creditworthiness.

Since Shafik Hirji is such a deadbeat, with liens, judgements, a bankruptcy, more debts and other issues, (he couldn’t get a Hershey bar financed, in my humble opinion) he still seems to be able to come up with new cars, stay in his house without getting evicted from (his house on Botticelli Drive in Seven Hills (a suburb of Las Vegas) was a contract originally made in the name of son, Shafik Brown. An address search, according to Clark County records shows that the home is still in the name of the original owner. It’s my understanding from Shafik himself is that it’s a “rent-to-own.”

Shafik brags that with the help of COVID-19, he’s not had to pay rent on any of his businesses (his alter ego businesses, and including where he lives on Botticelli Drive).

A little proof of the above allegations against Shafik Hirji (actual federal court case details below):

CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA (Western Division – Los Angeles) CRIMINAL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 2:00-cr-00896-MMM-1



But … now that Shafik Brown has piled up judgments in excess of $4 million, Shafik Hirji has shifted his focus back to son No. 1, Rahim Hirji.



claims his


got him a


Shafik can be seen driving around town in an old white chrysler limo that is registered to Rahim. Recently Shafik Hirji allegedly tried to get Rahim to refinance the home that he was living in in Seven Hills. Now, Shafik claims his girlfriend got him a car.

How a grown man like Shafik Hirji could take his two sons and run their credit into the ground, especially son Shafik Brown with all the judgments and still hold his head up in public is amazing to me.

Shafik Hirji is a deadbeat dad, in my opinion, who always has money to pay attorneys but never pay back his investors. Shafik screwed a man’s since-deceased elderly father out of $100,000 and then filed documentation that was clearly and flatly false to try to wiggle out of it. In my opinion, that is without question elder abuse.

Shafik Hirji has continued to defy a court order and remains involved in USA Auto and Purrfect Autos (in defiance of that order), and still owes the state more than $350,000 at this time. I’d tell Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and Attorney General Aaron Ford that Shafik Hirji should be high on their list to recover lost revenue for the state during these COVID-19 times.

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