Attn. Gov. Steve Sisolak and Attorney General Aaron Ford:

With the COVID-19 Financial Issues, Here’s an Idea I’d Like to Pass Along on How to Pull in Some Revenue for the State of Nevada:

Attention Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak and state Attorney General Aaron Ford: here’s an idea to pull some revenue in while normal streams are bottled up by business closures due to COVID-19. (See image above)

How about going after deadbeats (in my opinion) like Shafik Hirji who still owes the state of Nevada a tidy sum:


That’s from back in 2011 — nine years ago. Add up the interest and tack on the money owed due to lawyers fees and you’re looking at more than $300K! That’s not a bad chunk of change, governor.

I wanted to be sure to call that out in case you had forgotten about it or if someone on your staff had overlook it.

Just a thought.

(Oh, and by the way, you’ll note in that snippet that Hirji is precluded from “engaging or participating in the automotive repair business in any manner.” Here’s tip No. 2: he still is. Engaged. Participating. In a major way. Cars aren’t in his name, businesses aren’t in  his name, you can’t really find his fingerprints. That doesn’t mean he’s not engaged in a major way in all of it. He’s the patriarch of the family and he is running the show for sure.

Just trying to help.



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