The Comments Are Piling up on “Shady” Shafik Hirji as he Continues to Ignore Court-Ordered Judgments for Paying Back Money

How can Shafik Hirji continue to show his face in public and continue to be the operator behind Furniture Fashions and Purrfect Autos? He has scammed so many people, and there is such a continuing sense of outrage around what this shady character has done that if I were him (and thank God I’m not), I’d be trying to find out how to get a new identity and maybe go back to my home country of Zanzibar to get away from it all.

Check it out some of the latest comments:

Mike: “Hello…..I have been awarded a judgement against Purrfect Auto recently just over $6k. As expected they have ignored the court order.” Continue reading …

Brett: “More people should be aware what kind of criminal he is.” Continue reading …

Scammed by the Hirjis: “There are a lot of people who have been scammed by this family. How they have been able to do it for so long is unbelievable.” Continue reading …

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  1. Pervez Virani

    Steve you are doing a fine job. I think you should talk about the murders that Hirji is behind. This will open up the two cold cases and put more pressure on him also. I think the world should really know what kind of person Shafik is.

  2. anonymous

    for the comment from “Mike” here is the answer… Shafik Hirji banks with Bank of Nevada as 12/2018. All checks are signed by him for oil purchased for all Purrfect Auto/USA shops.


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