Shady Shafik Hirji Hit With $435,000-Plus Lawsuit by Las Vegas Review Journal

Shafik Hirji Defaults on Payment Plan to Resolve $435,292.33 Outstanding Balance Due to the LVRJ

It just doesn’t stop with this guy. Shafik Hirji is in the middle of financial and legal issues yet again!

In a lawsuit filed (Case No. A-18-778782-C) Aug. 2, 2018 in Clark County, Nevada, District Court, the Las Vegas Review Journal (LVRJ) detailed that Hirji agreed to a payment plan to resolve a $435,292.33 balance for advertising in the LVRJ. The LVRJ said in the suit that Hirji had agreed to pay the LVRJ $5,928.03 every Tuesday and Friday beginning Feb. 17, 2017 through Nov. 3, 2017 with a final payment of $2,546.45 due on Nov. 7, 2017.

Hirji allegedly didn’t make those payments, as the court filing documents: “Defendant SHAFIK HIRJI materially breached the Payment Plan by failing to make complete and timely payment as agreed upon in the Payment Plan.”

The lawsuit further states that, “The Plaintiff [the LVRJ] made demand for payment, which demands have been refused.”

I guess we can add this latest breach of ethics, morals, responsibility and accountability (in my humble opinion) demonstrated by Shafik Hirji over the past several decades.

When will it ever end?


  1. Mike

    Hello…..I have been awarded a judgement against Purrfect Auto recently just over $6k. As expected they have ignored the court order. I tried the Till Tap option but the constable was only able to retrieve $62 from the shop. I now want to pursue a bank levy but don’t know who Purrfect Auto banks with so that I can direct the constable. Do you happen to have that info, or any suggestion how I can go about finding it?

    1. Steve (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment. I would like to help you. Please reach out to me at

  2. Larell Richardson

    I’ve also just been awarded 6k on a judgememt against him and have a hearing with Shafik Hirji attorney Daniel Marks on 7/22/20.He’s claiming he doesnt own the company and the Deputy improperly served his underaged manager lol.I will be there ready to battle! Any help would be appreciated


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