Default Judgment Against Shafik Brown, Son of Shafik Hirji, & Boulevard Fashions Granted for $4.7 Million


Just like that. A $4.7 million default judgment.

It was like waiting for the next shoe to drop, the next domino to fall. It was inevitable. “The man who runs no companies,” Shafik Hirji — chief button-pusher and decision-maker (in my humble opinion) of myriad businesses, including Boulevard Furniture, Inc. — sat on the sidelines and watched as the District Court of Clark County, Nevada found in favor of the plaintiffs against Boulevard Furniture and one Shafik Brown, son of Hirji, and slammed down a $4.7 million default judgment. BOOOOM! Just like that. To be absolutely specific, a judgment in favor of the landlord leasing the space to the furniture store totaling exactly $4,739,072.67!

That tidy sum totaled the principal amounts of “Past-Due Rent, Additional Rent and other non-repair related costs and expenses,” which stemmed from the defendants breach of contract. That’s a head-shaking, bone-chilling, sobering amount of money in anybody’s ledger.

The Furniture Fashions store at the South Premium Outlets on Las Vegas Blvd. sits empty and closed.

The specific defendants named were Boulevard Furniture, c/o Yasmin Brown (Shafik Hirji’s daughter) and Shafik Brown (Shafik Hirji’s son). Way to leave your kids swinging at the end of a $4.7 million rope, Shafik Hirji. I have to admit your specific name is in none of the court documents, yet it is also my strongly held, unshakable opinion, having seen your operations up-close and personal, that there is no question that you are controlling everything related to Boulevard Furniture Inc., a k a Furniture Fashions. See above photo of the store in question in this case.

Your daughter, Yasmin, is the registered agent for that entity, and your son, Shafik, is listed as the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director. Do you have no shame for using your daughter and son as straw men (intentionally misrepresenting reality) and nominees for the businesses you seem to so readily allow to be flushed down the toilet, leaving behind millions of dollars in debt and employees and customers grasping at the air hoping to grab onto pay or products that they’re owed. We saw this kind of scenario play out with the Champagne Salon & Spas you let go, too.

You can’t do this forever, Shafik. Sooner or later this will catch up with you and will entangle not only you but your close family members in your web of deceit, lies and crushing debt. Most patriarchs legitimately try to build a legacy of honor and respect as they try to take care of their families. Exactly what are you building? It looks to me like your tearing down everything you get your hands on.


  1. Rachelle Van Duser

    I am one of the victims of USA Auto Service automobile service scam. I lost my grandmothers car that I got when she passed away after I took care of her. It had low miles, was in excellent condition and after taking into USA Auto Service at 4810 South Fort Apache, Las Vegas, NV, I was left with a non-running car that they supposedly fixed over four times and am out lots of money and the car now! I have photos to show the shoddy work and worst of all, lost a personal possession of my grandmothers and had to wipe out my savings to buy a new used car because they ruined my grandmothers! I am going to small claims court but worried I will lose more money I don’t have now to file the claim. So upset and ready to picket outside the repair shop! Hung Luong is associated with this guy and his scams. Ugh.

    1. Steve (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment. I would like to help you. Please reach out to me at

  2. Someone who's been scammed by the Hirjis.


    You are to be applauded for the work you are doing revealing all the evidence you have obtained on Shafik Hirji and kids. I know of this family and know that the kids are not as innocent as one would think. “The proverb “The apple does not fall far from the tree” certainly applies to this family.

    You have close to 250,000 visitors on your site. I know there is a long list of people who would love to see Shafik and his kids locked up like common thugs deserve to be. Hopefully, some of these 250,000 are State and Federal agents trolling for information on this family like they have in the past.

    Keep it up Steve. There are a lot of people who have been scammed by this family. How they have been able to do it for so long is unbelievable.

    1. Steve (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment. I would like to help you. Please reach out to me at


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