Shafik Brown Tax Bill: $112,576 Owed to State of Nevada Department of Taxation

Less than a month ago as of this writing, Shafik Brown, son of Shafik Hirji who, in my opinion, allegedly uses his son as a nominee to run several of his businesses, got slapped with a pretty hefty tax bill from the State of Nevada for unpaid taxes in the amount of $112,576 and change.


One of my basic questions is: How do these guys keep getting away with this stuff? If you or I got tangled up like this over even just a few thousand dollars, we’d be getting into all kinds of trouble, and yet it seems Hirji and his nominees, like his son, Shafik Brown, go about doing all the kinds of things that this website highlights them as doing without the state or the feds ever really coming down on them. Just look through the detailed documentation I have in place here, and I think you’ll be shaking your head as much as me. Notice after notice by the State of Nevada for delinquent taxes owed by daughter Alyssa Hirji, son Shafik Brown, wife Judy Pham, daughter Yasmin Brown and boyfriend Devin Neudeck.

Lots of paperwork filed, as documented within this website, very little to no action being taken. Time to flip that around.

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