Shafik Hirji Rips Off 85-Year-Old Man and His Son of Life Savings; Parties at Pit Bull Concert

Cold as ice, scumbag low-life — that’s my opinion of Shafik Hirji.

Hirji is the kind of guy who takes investment money from an 85-year-old invalid and his son — their life savings — and doesn’t pay it back, hiding under the blanket of bankruptcy as an excuse for not making payments on the investment or returning the principle. By the way, the bankruptcy that Hirji was hiding behind is now being dismissed.

In the meantime, we see Shafik Hirji lining up with a long-legged young woman waiting to enter a Pit Bull concert here in Las Vegas at the same time this elderly man lay dying in a trailer. How do you do that? How do you rip off (in my opinion) an elderly man’s investment money, go out and party as if you have not a care in the world at the same time this poor guy is in the final hours of his life? I’ve got to ask you, Shafik Hirji, is your love of money and the high-flying lifestyle you maintain THAT important to you? Not to get all biblical or wrath of God or anything here, but you know what the Bible says:

“The love of money is the root of all evil.”
1 Timothy, 6:10

Just a little something to consider.

Shafik Hirji solicited this elderly, 85-year-old man and his caretaker 56-year-old son, to invest in his Furniture Fashions business. He was quick to show them both how the investment would be protected by a separate $8 million a year cash flow from his other businesses — Purrfect Auto and USA Auto services, a number of automotive repair shops Hirji operates. Hirji said because of that kind of cash flow, if anything went sour regarding the investment the two men made in the furniture business, that he would have no problem paying them back.

However, after making a few interest payments on the investment, Hirji stopped making those payments. When the two men asked to have the payments continue or to pay back the investment, Shafik said “no problem” but the payments didn’t begin again. Subsequently, Hirji filed bankruptcy but the investment these two gentlemen made was not listed in the schedule of creditors.

Now the bankruptcy is being dismissed (see documents below; click on them to see the entire, full-size PDFs) and these two men have been left empty-handed — well, actually only one man now, the son, as the 85-year-old invalid father has died. In my opinion, this has been an outright scam by Shafik Hirji and elder abuse.

So what’s your excuse now, Shafik Hirji?


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