Death of 85-Year-Old Invalid That Shafik Hirji Ripped Off Related to the Man’s $100,000 Life Savings Investment Apparently Has No Effect on Hirji, Who Continues to Live a Lavish Lifestyle

An 85-year-old invalid, who required constant round-the-clock care from his 56-year-old son, died two days ago while waiting for a payout from his and his son’s $100,000 investment in the Shafik Hirji-run Furniture Fashions stores. This 85-year-old man died after turning over his and his son’s life savings to Hirji. They’ve received negligible returns. Shafik Hirji has refused to return the principle and has not made any interest payments to them.

The son is completely distraught. His and his father’s life savings are gone; now his father is gone, too. In my opinion, by anybody’s measure, that constitutes elderly abuse.

I see, Mr. Attorney General Adam Laxault, that you have a renewed, amped-up campaign regarding elderly abuse. I made a screen shot of your recent Tweets about the subject, which you can see below (click on the image to see it full size):

In my opinion, Shafik Hirji’s action of ripping off an 85-year-old man who was bedridden and living in a trailer, and who now has died, is inexcusable. The question I ask of you, Mr. Attorney General, is that shouldn’t this be a case you go after considering your recent public comments about elder abuse? This elderly man invested his money based on the wild claims (my opinion, after having been immersed in this for a year now) that Shafik Hirji made about the return on the dollar they would receive by supporting his Furniture Fashions business here in Las Vegas. Shafik Hirji, in my opinion, is using that money to support his lavish lifestyle of driving high-priced cars and living in million-dollar homes and is completely ignoring repaying or returning the investment amount. He seems to have no problem driving around in his $150,000-plus Mercedes Benz (which he had another nominee sign for), while maintaining a stable of other equally expensive high-end cars and ignoring obligations like repaying or returning investment money, paying a Nevada state judgment or paying the state delinquent taxes.

I was part of the conversation when Shafik Hirji made claims to these investors that his automotive empire through USA Auto Service and Purrfect Auto Service stores grossed over $8 million a year. I’ve also seen the bank records and cash flow from the businesses Shafik Hirji runs. In a full accounting documented by Bank of America statements from the year of 2016, which you can see an outline of below, I saw that an excess of $8.5 MILLION came into his daughter, Yasmin Brown’s (a Shafik Hirji nominee) Bank of America account. Yet Hirji could’t seem to find the money to repay a $100,000 investment to an 85-year-old invalid who was waiting for his money and who is now dead.

Was this elderly man so distraught over the apparent loss of $100,000 that it hastened his death? I don’t know, I’m just asking a question. I do know that this 85-year-old was in struggling health and needed his son to tend to him around the clock. Was this situation what pushed him over the edge? I would say Attorney General Adam Laxault, that it’s at least something that should be investigated under your elder abuse guidelines. And if you do, maybe you’ll also come up with the hundreds of thousands of dollars Shafik Hirji owes to the state of Nevada.

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