Adam Laxault, Nevada Attorney General: Your Lack of Action Against Shafik Hirji and His Nominees Leads to More Victims

Adam Laxault, Nevada Attorney General, you’re running for governor this year, and the office that you currently control and its lack of enforcement in collection capabilities certainly raises questions about your leadership ability.

In my opinion, Shafik Hirji is a blight on the community. In his wake of questionable business dealings related to Purrfect Autos, USA Autos, several Furniture Fashions stores, restaurants, bars and hair salons, it’s the same re-occurring theme: unpaid employees, unpaid taxes, unpaid state sales taxes, customers left holding the bag for services paid for but not rendered.

You already have a $300,000 judgment against Shafik Hirji et al, which was renewed in August of last year. As noted in the above document, “No payments have been made on the Judgment or Findings of Fact.” That apparently is still the case. It’s been more than seven years now since the initial judgment was filed, and there’s still no activity — at least none that I can see — on moving forward to collecting that money. This time I’ll say it sarcastically: “Great job Mr. Attorney General Adam Paul Laxault!” Seriously. Is it not worth the time or money to go after this guy for this judgment as well as the delinquent taxes that numerous other Shafik Hirji nominees related to his various other businesses are in arrears for paying to the state of Nevada?

Now comes the added insult of Shafik Hirji screwing an 85-year-old invalid and his son over a $100,000 investment they made — their life savings — from which they’ve received negligible returns. Now the 85-year-old man has died. He passed away two days ago. The son is completely distraught. His and his father’s life savings are gone; now his father is gone, too. In my opinion, that’s a form of elderly abuse taken to a whole other level.

Shafik Hirji’s nominees have helped him circumvent paying that judgment as well as the back taxes. Lots of paperwork flying out of your offices, Mr. Attorney General, but no other action to try to reclaim what this shady character (in my opinion) owes to the state of Nevada. And if you can’t get something like that taken care of — the collection of hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to the state of Nevada — I have to ask the question, why should anyone vote for you as governor in the 2018 governor’s race here in Nevada?

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