Shafik Hirji is Morally Bankrupt, in My Opinion, While Ripping Off an 85-Year-Old Man and His Son by Refusing to Return Their $100,000 Investment; I Believe This is Elder Abuse

In my opinion, Shafik Hirji’s actions of ripping off an 85-year-old man who is now bedridden, and his son, is inexcusable. The question I ask is, could this constitute elder abuse?

Shafik Hirji seems to have no problem driving around in his $150,000-plus Mercedes Benz (which he had another nominee sign for), while maintaining a stable of other equally expensive high-end cars all the while refusing to pay on or return the principle on a $100,000 investment he received from an 85-year-old bedridden invalid and his 56-year-old caretaker son, who must attend to him almost every minute of every day. I wonder how “Super Lawyer” Daniel (Door Law) Marks, Bar No. 002003, feels about his client ignoring and not paying an 85-year-old bedridden man. I’m sure as long as Shafik Hirji continues to pay tens of thousands of dollars to him that he’ll be OK with it — just my opinion.

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Hirji has no conscience and is exhibiting what I would call moral turpitude related to this entire situation. Just to be clear about what I mean, moral turpitude is generally defined as “as an act that is inherently base, vile, or depraved, and contrary to the accepted rules of morality and the duties owed between persons or to society in general.” That’s exactly right, in my opinion; his lack of repayment or return of this $100,000 investment principle to these two people, who are just trying to get through life one day at a time, represents an act that is inherently base, vile and depraved. Not only that, but I see this as outright elder abuse — taking advantage of an 85-year-old man like this. It’s a reprehensible act, in my opinion.

I was part of the conversation where Shafik Hirji touted to these investors that his automotive empire grossed over $8 million a year — from USA Auto Service and Purrfect Auto Service stores. I’ve seen the bank records and cash flow from the businesses Shafik Hirji runs and an excess of $8.5 MILLION comes into his daughter, Yasmin Brown’s Bank of America account every year. Yet he can’t seem to find the money to repay a $100,000 investment to an invalid and his son who are waiting for their money. Remember, Shafik Hirji stiffed the state of Nevada of more than $300,000 and has ignored the state’s renewed judgment requesting repayment. See: Shafik Hirji Successfully Cheats State of Nevada …

Shafik Hirji can run around flaunting his apparent wealth by driving $150,000-plus vehicles, like this Mercedes Benz S550 convertible, living in a million-dollar-plus house and generally just going about living life as if he were the Sheik of some kingdom somewhere without a single financial worry. Some may see that differently, but in my opinion that is the epitome of moral turpitude.

This 85-year-old invalid man and his 56-year-old son, who must care for him all day long every day while living in a trailer, invested their life savings based on the wild claims that Shafik Hirji made about the return on the dollar they would receive by supporting his Furniture Fashions business here in Las Vegas. Shafik Hirji has refused to return the principle and has not made any interest payments to them. Shafik Hirji, in my opinion, is using that money to support his lavish lifestyle of driving high-priced cars and living in million-dollar homes.

Meanwhile, this dutiful, caring son must deal with his 85-year-old father who must be hoisted by a bedside crane out of bed and onto a portable toilet, who must be cleaned, dressed and fed every day.

Moral turpitude, indeed.

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