Daniel “Door Law” Marks, Bar No. 002003, States That I am Implying or Suggesting That “Hirji and/or Brown are Untrustworthy Scam Artists and Criminals …”


“Untrustworthy Scam Artists & Criminals”

Daniel “Door Law” Marks, Bar No. 002003, (my opinion) tries to use the “spaghetti” defense — where you throw anything and everything up against the wall and see what sticks. As I review documents filed by Daniel “Door Law” Marks and his crack associate Teletha Zupan, I’m seeing that they obviously ignore facts before answering complaints. Daniel Marks’ law firm is profiting exponentially — he is going to be busy representing his cash cow client, Shafik Hirji, including Shafik Brown (his son) and Yasmin Brown (his daughter) in a litany of litigation regarding corporations and other nominees. Let’s list a few of the highlights of father and son, Shafik Hirji and Shafik Brown. Shafik Hirji, a k a “The Wig”, and Shafik Brown, a k a “Rapper in the Crapper”, let’s take a look at a partial list of their deadbeat existence (and this is only a partial list!):

1. Champagne Salon & Spa fiasco and closure as noted by TV station Action News Channel 13: READ MORE
2. Champagne Salon & Spa employees left without paychecks after closure and patrons stiffed after paying for services they would not receive: READ MORE
2. Puufect Auto Service scams, which lead to permanent cease and desist along with a $300,900 judgment: READ MORE
3. Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar, employees left unpaid after surprise shut down: READ MORE
4. US Foods complaint for non-payment, Case No. 17C023325: READ MORE
5. Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant at Boulevard Mall shut down due to non-payment of rent: READ MORE
6. Furniture Fashions store No. 2 at Boulevard Mall closed due to non-payment of rent: READ MORE
7. Furniture Fashions’ Las Vegas South Premium Outlets closed down due to non-payment of rent: READ MORE
8. Bankruptcy fraud conviction, Shafik Hirji: READ MORE
9. Multiple bankruptcies connected to Furniture Fashions stores: READ MORE
10. Non-payment of loan of over $1.5 million to Furniture Fashions investors: READ MORE
11. Non-payment of loan of over $100,000 from a son and his father who is 84 years old and bedridden (elder abuse in my opinion)
12. Nevada Attorney General’s Office renews judgment on Shafik Hirji & Judy Pham of over $300,000: READ MORE
13. Shafik Brown’s long list of unpaid taxes to the state of Nevada: READ MORE

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