Shafik Hirji’s Law Firm of Daniel Marks Has an Associate Attorney Teletha Zupan Who Occasionally “Forgets” to Pay Her Own Bills — LMAO

I guess Shafik Hirji will be represented by “Super Lawyer” Daniel Marks and his crack associate, Teletha Zupan, who graduated from a law school ranked #202 out of 208 — as long as Hirji can pay his bill.

Teletha Zupan’s name is relatively new to me, and one that instantly stands out, so I decided to do a little digging on her. As I started to look into the background of Teletha Zupan during a brief visit to the Clark County Courthouse, I saw some things that immediately raised concerns with me. Zupan has had a string of liens and releases filed in her name (see the sample of court recordings of liens below; it’s just a small selection from among the 32 records associated with her name all showing liens that had been filed against her. Click on the image to see full-size detail.)

This begs the question, how can an officer of the court such as Teletha Zuppan (Nevada State Bar No. 12660) appear before a judge to represent a citizen all the while showing a blatant disregard for taking care of her own responsibilities? Would you want someone like this representing you in a court of law? I’m just asking …

Some of these liens go back 11 years. But it looks like finally she made some progress earlier this year by paying some of the decades-old delinquent bills off. Shouldn’t an attorney, an officer of the court representing citizens in legal matters, be paying her own bills and not letting them go for 11 years? The image below shows examples of five references that document the release of liens from the timeframe of 2009-2017. Most of those in the examples shown had been outstanding for a decade or more. (See additional image below; click on the image to see full-size detail)

Talk about not paying attention to detail.

But I guess that’s something we might expect from a woman who went to a law school ranked 202 out of 208 in the country. Teletha Zupan attended Western Michigan University’s Thomas M. Cooley Law School, which was ranked near the bottom of all law schools ranked here: Compare Law Schools ( I mean, at one end of the scale, you’ve got Yale, Harvard, Stanford and the University of Chicago; and at the other end, you’ve got law schools like Cooley, Charlotte, Whittier and Thomas Jefferson (don’t let that last name fool you, it’s in San Diego, not Virginia).

So what do you think the school spirit chant is for Cooley? “We’re number 202! We’re number 202!”?

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