HATARI – Shafik Hirji Continues to Make Threats Directly and Indirectly to Myself and My Family

Boys, get the point: I’m not afraid of the continuing and recent threats that have been made to me directly and indirectly. They are nothing more than the reflection of the stupidity of Shafik Hirji and his merry band of morons. Take for example, Jayme Chitamin who threatened me in a District Court proceeding and tried videotaping me with his cell phone in front of a judge and with my lawyer present.

Jayme Chitamin wasn’t laughing when the District Court judge’s marshal confiscated his phone in the court room. Another example of stupidity. Take a look at this write up about his arrest record.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When Shafik saw me standing in front of his house the day his assets were seized, he nearly soiled his pants. Shafik Hirji has brought this all upon himself and to his doorstep by his own shady and sleazy actions. He has been able thoughout the years to bully and intimidate people and ignoring judgments and other legal documents and proceedings. I am not backing down. I am not going away.

Shafik Hirji was able to cheat the state of Nevada out of more than $300,000 in judgments and completely ignored the permanent injunction issued by the Nevada Attorney General’s office by using nominees like Alyssa Hirji, Shafik Brown, Yasmin Brown, Rahim Hirji and Devin Neudeck.

The message must have gone through loud and clear to Rahim Hirji, at least as seen in the document below. He raced to the courthouse to homestead his house (see document below) on the same day that the house his father lives in was visited by law enforcement and assets seized.

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