Alyssa Hirji Nevada Bar # 13895, Notice of Federal Tax Lien Filed 12/12/2017

Alyssa Hirji, a Nevada attorney whose bar number is 13895, just became the recipient of a federal tax lien filed against her for Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar LLC. According to the official IRS document, she is listed as the establishment’s Sole Member. (See below)

That’s the first time I’ve run across that information. Up until this point, all that I could see was that she was assisting her father, Shafik Hirji, by being the straw buyer of this blue SL550 Mercedes Benz coupe:

I was shocked to find out that Shafik Hirji’s daughter, Alyssa, who is a graduate of the relatively prestigious law school at the University of Miami, and who has been admitted to the bar in three states — Nevada, Florida and Washington, DC — got caught up in the Shafik Hirji shiftiness and shell games that he plays. Here’s where she went wrong, and being the intelligent lady that she is, she should have foreseen this: She aided and abetted a convicted felon — her father, Shafik Hirji — by assisting her father to evade paying all or part of the judgment the State of Nevada has filed against him of more than $300,000 by being the purchaser of the Mercedes S550 coupe, which she is registered as owning. According according to a 2015 report in Car and Driver magazine, the price of a new S550 Mercedes coupe started at $120,825, but the test car they drove for their review cost $149,575. That’s a pretty big chunk of change that should have gone to pay down the judgment that had been levied against Shafik Hirji by the State of Nevada. That money should have gone to the state.

How does this guy keep getting away with these kinds of shenanigans?

In the time that I’ve known Shafik Hirji I’ve never seen Alyssa Hirji driving this car. Alyssa Hirji knew her father had the judgement against him, didn’t pay the state, and went and bought this S550 Mercedes Coupe anyway, thereby circumventing the State of Nevada judgment. I’ve seen both Shafik Hirji and Judy Pham drive this car — I know, because he’s actually driven the car to my house on several occasions.

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  1. Melissa

    How is this possible? All the restaurants were in little Shafiks name when we started Hatari. If there’s anything I can do to help you please don’t hesitate to ask. I have tons and tons of paperwork relating to them.


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