Shafik Hirji, Shafik & Yasmine Brown get Assets Seized! Law Enforcement has to Breach Door! 12/22/2017

Time is running out for the games this clown and his family are playing, Shafik Hirji was greeted by law enforcement at his door. Like the coward he is, Shafik Hirji would not come to the door for more than 20 minuets, so law enforcement breached the door. I was told Shafik Hirji was handcuffed for a time. Two Mercedes, Shafik Brown’s BMW M4 and Yasmin Brown’s car were seized. This is a story that’s still developing … Much more to come.

Shafik Hirji has touted the law firm of Daniel Marks, with associate Adam Levine (another coward, in my opinion), who calls me a snitch, among other things. I have never met nor have I ever seen the guy. Shafik Hirji couldn’t find any of those wonderful lawyers that he touts. They’re all gone on vacation and couldn’t save him. I was told a young associate from the office called my A-Number-One, first-class attorney. I look forward to the 341 hearing to the bankruptcy case on Jan. 4, 2018. Shafiik Brown will definitely be in the hot seat that day. My question is, what kind of a coward like Shafik Hirji would have his children sign for cars, sign for the house on Botticelli Drive, and put them in such peril. One kind of a man: a low-life, narcissistic scumbag. 


  1. Kk

    Do you have a good address for this man? Need to serve him as well. May have a case that can put him away. Something as simple as not paying your employees can be punishable by imprisonment if the Department of Labor wants to prosecute. Can’t think of someone more deserving..have three accounts that I can prove are willful violations

    1. Steve (Post author)

      Thank you for your comment. I would like to help you. Please reach out to me at


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