Furniture Fashions Las Vegas Blvd. Store Closes – Another Shafik Enterprise Bites the Dust!

The Furniture Fashions store at the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets sits empty and closed.

You can add the Furniture Fashions store on Las Vegas Boulevard at the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets to the Shafik Hirji-related businesses that have closed down.

First there was a Furniture Fashions store located at the back of Boulevard Mall on Maryland Avenue (this was a second store at that mall location) that shut down. Now the one at the outlet mall on S. Las Vegas Blvd. has closed. In between those closings were other Shafik Hirji nominee-run business entities, including Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant and the Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar (both also at Boulevard Mall). Then two Champagne Salon & Spas locations were shuttered.

Yet Shafik Hirji and his nominees and proxies, like sons Shafik Brown and Rahim Hirji, continue to open various other entities to try to keep things going. The Shafik Hirji family also continues to drive around in expensive luxury cars, like Mercedes Benz’s and BMWs. All the while ignoring a permanent injunction and a $300,000 judgement from the state of Nevada. I just have to keep shaking my head. I don’t know how this guy continues to get away with doing what he does.

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