Furniture Fashions Las Vegas Files Bankruptcy!

Breaking Business News: Furniture Fashions files bankruptcy for more than $4.5 million!

In court documents filed by attorney David Mincin, it’s apparent that Shafik Hirji & Family have bitten off more than they can chew this time. Unlike the state of Nevada and the attorney general, who they’ve conned for years by not paying judgments and ignoring permanent injunctions, this time things seem to be a little more serious, if you can believe that.

Shafik Hirji is no stranger to bankruptcy court. His previous bankruptcy fraud conviction is proof of that. I’m LMAO at “door lawyer” Daniel Marks, Bar No. 002003, who has filed papers in district court claiming fraud. After spending the night reading 100-plus pages, it’s clear to me that Daniel Marks is out of touch with reality, I can’t believe any educated attorney would make such outlandish accusations. I guess he’s just throwing you know what against the wall, seeing if something will stick.

Daniel Marks, Nevada Bar No. 002003, in my mind has gone from Mental Midget to MORON.

His ridiculous pleadings in the district court claiming fraud always seem to contain verbiage about myself, Sheldon Adelson, stock transactions and other ridiculous accusations.

Father time tells all. Shafik Hirji is a convicted felon who took over $1.5 million, ran entities, through nominees and proxies, that did not pay sales tax to the state of Nevada, among other egregious deeds, and now is running with his tail between his legs straight into Bankruptcy Court to try to find some protection.

If history repeats itself, Shafik Hirji will prove to be the ultimate scumbag father. All one needs to do is read Rahim Hirji’s $2.8 million bankruptcy (at the age of 22) and Judy Pham’s bankruptcy filing, and scroll through this website to see Shafik Hirji’s own shenanigans, which ultimately have landed him as a convicted felon.

What kind of father does this? He’s put his own children in peril. And it looks like Rahim Hirji, Shafik Brown and Yasmin Brown all are following in their disparaged dad’s (in my opinion) footsteps. What a shame.

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