Shafik Hirji’s Alter Egos Are Tax Deadbeats* But Shafik Brown, Yasmin Brown, and Judy Pham Still Are Driving New Mercedes and BMWs

*Definition of a Deadbeat:

• One who persistently fails to pay personal debts or expenses
Source: Merriam-Webster dictionary

There’s no mistake — I have the documentation to prove that these individuals, led by the now infamous Shafik Hirji, are deadbeats. There’s no way around it. Take a look at the latest paperwork from the Nevada Department of Taxation just from this month alone that shows yet even more tax debt owed by Shafik Brown, Shafik Hirji’s son, as well as a Federal Income Tax Lien in the amount of $13,396.98:

Add all these three delinquent tax notices up, and you get a grand total of $44,578.32!!

And you know what? That’s not even all of what’s owed by these individuals. Stand by for another upcoming post with all that info!

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