$456,773 In Taxes Owed!! Between Shafik Hirji’s Alter Egos, Family of Nominees & Proxies

$456,773 IN TAXES OWED!!

Attention Daniel Marks, Nevada Bar No. 002003, below are accurate and truthful statements. I hope to square off with you in court at an evidentiary hearing and hear you argue that this is false light. LMAO!! -Sincerely, Steve Barket

I’ve done the math and it’s a staggering amount owed by Shafik Hirji’s family of nominees and proxies, including son Shafik Brown, daughter Yasmin Brown and her boyfriend Devin Neudeck, as well as Hirji’s estranged wife Judy Pham.

I can’t even fathom that amount of money being owed to the IRS and the Nevada State Department of Taxation. As I said, it’s simply STAGGERING! Check out the details below:

Go back to the main page of this website and scroll down to see detailed reporting of each of these taxes owed amounts in their own write-ups.

You can’t make up this stuff!

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