Shafik Hirji’s “Door” Lawyer, Daniel Marks ESQ, Nevada State Bar No. 002003, Is In My Opinion a Bottom-Feeder (Mental Midget) Who Obviously Doesn’t Check the Credibility of His Own Clients

Daniel Marks, ESQ – Nevada State Bar No. 002003 – filed an answer and counter-claim (excerpt below) to my lawsuit on Shafik Hirji and Shafik Brown’s behalf. LMAO!

After I picked myself up after rolling on the floor laughing (ROTFL) so hard, I realized how desperate Daniel Marks, the “DOOR” lawyer, is for clients. By the way, a “DOOR” lawyer, in my opinion, is a lawyer who takes anybody who walks through the door as a client.

Obviously, Daniel Marks must have slept through the chapter in law school about false light. Shafik Hirji has had more proceedings in Clark County District Court that include but aren’t limited to pages of evictions, judgments, and let’s not forget the federal conviction for bankruptcy fraud.

Daniel Marks, Nevada state bar number 002003, master of the obvious, please pay attention (a mental midget in my opinion): As to your clients, Shafik Hirji and Shafik Brown, and the concept of false light (by the way, Daniel, I’m just a high school graduate), let me list just a few of the highlights of his criminal and civil background:

A) Judgment 11-02-17: $1,213,088.50 (Hirji, Brown & Brown)
B) Judgment 11-02-17: $3,582,105.99 (Hirji, Brown & Brown)
C) Judgment 08-01-17: State of Nevada Office of the Attorney General, over $300,000 and permanent injunction issued (Hirji, Pham)
D) Federal conviction, bankruptcy fraud (Shafik Hirji, Case No. 200-cr-00896-MMM-1)
E) Champagne Salon & Spa saga: Let’s not forget about the closings of the two spas on Eastern Ave. (Daughter, Yasmin Brown) Link to TV report on closings – Action News Channel 13
F) Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar: CLOSED, Landlord stiffed (Son, Shafik Brown)
G) Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant: CLOSED, Landlord stiffed (Son, Shafik Brown)

Does the above list constitute something that an honest, trustworthy person and family would do? According to Daniel Marks Bar No. 002003 all of the above are OK. Right? I’m really confused now.


This list could go on for a while; these are just highlights. So I’m asking myself, is Daniel Marks so desperate for clients, so desperate for fees that he turns a blind eye to federal convictions, a string of judgments (and my favorite judgment from the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Nevada of over $300,000, which also includes a permanent injunction issued by the State of Nevada Attorney General’s office, which bars Hirji from being in the automotive repair business)?

More questions than answers. I guess we’ll have to see what tomorrow brings.

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