Shafik Hirji and Judy Pham Tied at the Hip, Truly for Better and for WORSE!

Judy Pham

Shafik Hirji’s “estranged” wife, Judy Pham, (right) in my opinion seems to get satisfaction out of hiding in plain site. And she learned from one of the best.

Despite all the issues going on in her life, including …

  • That Judy filed for divorce from Shafik back in early June of 2017, but asked for nothing in the divorce proceedings;
  • That she has a judgment issued against her (among others) by the state of Nevada, which was renewed recently, in the amount of $218,474.93 plus attorney’s fees in the amount of $75,000 and legal interest accruing since October 13, 2010.
  • That she previously filed for bankruptcy while claiming an income of only $500 a month according to the 2009 filing.
  • At the time, she also claimed the status of “Unemployed.”
  • That she listed monthly expenses of $700, which left her $250/month in the hole; and she listed more than $255,000 in liabilities in the same document (seen at bottom).

… Judy still has figured out how to drive around in expensive Mercedes and BMWs as she travels to the InStyle furniture store she allegedly runs even though Hung V. Luong (who also owes more than $160,000 in unpaid taxes to the state of Nevada) is listed as the registered agent for InStyle Furniture Inc. with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office; he’s also listed as Secretary, Treasurer and Director of the entity.

All in the family, eh?

So Judy filed for bankruptcy, filed for divorce, allegedly makes almost no money even though she’s controlling (in my opinion) InStyle Furniture and all the while is seen driving around in those very expensive cars, always toting around expensive designer purses and wearing designer label clothing — the kind you might find at The Shops at Crystals on the Strip.

Must be nice being at the bottom of the economic pile, eh? Seems like she learned a few tricks from Shady Shafik Hirji in formally keeping her name off of anything that could be viewed as an asset — in my humble opinion. She’s learned from the master in that regard.



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