Shafik Hirji and Judy Pham Still Running Purrfect Auto & USA Auto;

Completely Ignore State of Nevada Attorney General’s Office Permanent Injuction

The original default judgment against Shafik Hirji was initially filed by the State of Nevada’s Attorney General’s office on Sept. 30, 2011 (below).

Some six years later, on Aug. 1, 2017, just a couple months ago, the State of Nevada’s Attorney General’s office filed an Affidavit of Renewal of Judgment (below).

For the past SIX YEARS, Shafik Hirji and his allegedly estranged wife, Judy Pham (she filed for divorce from Hirji back in June, although asked for nothing from him) have been operating in defiance of this order by continuing to have nominees and proxies run various Purrfect Auto and USA Auto service centers.

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