Shafik Hirji Successfully Cheats State of Nevada . . .

$300,000 Judgment Just Renewed

Shafik Hirji uses nominees and proxies to cheat the state of Nevada out of hundreds of thousands of dollars with no remorse — in my opinion, but backed up with solid documentary evidence showing that’s exactly what he’s doing.

He has a recently renewed judgment that has been filed against him and his wife, Judy Pham, by the state of Nevada’s attorney general office for the amount of $300,000 and counting. That’s THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS AND COUNTING! The counting part is the interest that’s been accruing for the past seven years — since 2010 when the initial judgment was issued. The interest rate being charged is “accruing on the principal amount [which is $218,474.93] at the legal rate from October 13, 2010.” So all told, with principal plus interest plus lawyers’ fees, it’s easily over $300,000.

Why does Shady Shafik Hirji use his children and other close relatives as nominees? The very simple reason is that Shafik Hirji cannot and does not have anything in his personal name because the legal issues he’s run into as the result of shady business dealings (hence the nickname, “Shady”) primarily within the state of Nevada as documented by the AG’s office. They are not just his children, but they are nominees that he uses to get to sign for expensive cars, like Mercedes and BMWs, and houses, too. They are essential parts of his scheme of hiding assets and establishing staw ownerships.

Who’s paying for the Mercedes and the BMWs that all these folks are driving around? Every one of them — Shafik Hirji himself; son, Shafik Brown; son, Rahim Hirji; daughter, Alyssa Hirji; daughter, Yasmin Brown; wife, Judy Pham — all of them drive late-model Mercedes and BMW coupes or sedans.

And what about the houses all these folks live in? Who’s footing the bill for those McMansions?

And all of them are listed in records filed in the state of Nevada’s recordings of businesses as being involved with at least one, if not several, of Shafik Hirji-controlled (in my opinion) entities: Furniture Fashions, InStyle Furniture, Purrfect Auto, USA Auto, Spirit Taekwondo as well as the now-defunct Champagne Salon & Spas (2), Olivia’s Mexican Restaurant and Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar.

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