Shafik Hirji Website,, Undergoes a Redesign and Reorganization

Welcome to the new and improved website!

We’ve changed things around a little bit in an effort to simplify and streamline things. There’s a ton of information contained within this website, and I hope I’ve made it a little easier to get to all of it.

Please scroll down to see all the posts I’ve made over the months, and check out the new left-hand navigation, which I hope will make all our pages easier to find.

As always, I have the “Shady Shafik Hirji Snitch Line” (702-353-6644) featured prominently across the top of the site, so if you have any info you’d like to pass along regarding our poster boy, Shafik Hirji, or any other of the people or businesses I’ve written about, please feel free to call. Everything we discuss will be held in the strictest confidence.

Thanks, and enjoy the new look!!

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