Yasmin Brown Owes Nevada Department of Taxation $42,439 in Tax Debt

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I’m betting Yasmin Brown never saw this coming when she was training to be an Olympic athlete. Yasmin Brown, yet another alleged nominee of her father, Shafik Hirji, now is saddled with a $43,000 tax debt to the state of Nevada tied to a Purrfect Auto Service store on Eastern Avenue in Henderson as well as another Purrfect Auto Service store on Valle Verde, also in Henderson.

As I noted when I announced the launch of the YasminBrown.net website, Yasmin Brown has surfaced as a central figure (a nominee) for Shafik Hirji in controlling funds of Purrfect Auto, USA Auto, Champagne Salon & Spas and of course Sprit Taekwondo. The 23-year-old daughter of Shafik Hirji allegedly has handled a number of business entities related to her father, including depositing nearly $9 million in 2016 to a Bank of America account from various entities that Shafik Hirji allegedly runs while hiding behind a host of nominees. Details of that account, under the name of Yasmin Brown, Sole Proprietor, can be found on YasminBrown.net. You’ll find month-by-month deposit amounts in a graphic as you scroll down the story. Pretty amazing bank account for a 23-year-old.

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