Shafik Brown, Shafik Hirji’s Son, Piles Up More Than $41,000 in Tax Debt With the State of Nevada

Scroll through the four documents below to see the amount of tax debt piled up by Shafik Brown that is owed to the state of Nevada:

(Click on above image to see full-size detail)

Tally it all up, and it reaches more than $41,000 total. The son of Shafik Hirji, just like alleged Shafik Hirji nominees Judy Pham (his estranged wife) and Hung V. Luong (president of InStyle Furniture), has a major financial burden to cope with. And according to my research, this kind of tax debt is not dischargeable through bankruptcy.

These tax debts are connected to two USA Auto stores — one on S Durango and one on S Pecos, a Purrfect Auto Store on Charleston, and a Furniture Fashions store in Henderson on Sunset Rd.

I wonder how Shafik Brown will wriggle out of this one.

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