Judy Pham Has Major Unpaid Tax Issues With the State of Nevada – $113.462.15 Owed, Filed on July 20, 2017

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Judy Pham, the allegedly estranged wife of Shafik Hirji (she filed for divorce June 8 of this year seeking no compensation … hmmmmm), looks as if she might be having some tax issues with the state of Nevada (see document copy above).

The total tax due to the state of Nevada (this document was filed on July 20, 2017), plus interest and penalties, totals up to $113.462.15, which has been growing daily since that date as penalties and interest continue to accrue.

Remember, just as I detailed on my post about the same issue the supposed president of InStyle Furniture, Hung V. Luong has been having, my research shows that not even a bankruptcy filing will make that go away. Tax debts cannot be wiped out when filing for bankruptcy. Taxes other than income, like payroll tax, sales taxes owed or fraud penalties can never be eliminated in bankruptcy.

$113.462.15. That’s not going to disappear quickly or easily. That’s the kind of thing that keeps you up at night, every night. How do you sleep with something that big hanging over your head? You know it’s just a matter of time before the tax man comes for you looking to cash in.

As we also noted previously, Judy Pham has been seen driving her Mercedes to InStyle furniture (above photo, right) almost always accompanied by her expensive Louis Vitton and Chanel purses seemingly with out a care in the world. I think I need to find out her meditation secrets.

NOTE: At the time of this post, it is alleged that this debt is accurate and has not been paid, according to Clark County Recorder’s Office records.

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