Devin Neudeck Owes Nearly $24,000 to the Nevada Department of Taxation

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Devin Neudeck allegedly got swallowed up by Shafik Hirji and Hirji’s daughter, Yasmin Brown. Devin and Yasmin are allegedly boyfriend and girlfriend. Allegedly, Devin Neudeck got caught up in the undertow of wading into Shafik Hirji’s world; he was installed as president, treasurer, secretary and director of Fusion Enterprises Inc., doing business as (DBA) USA Auto Service #2. Allegedly, Shafik Hirji uses him as a nominee in that business.

Well, it looks like Devin Neudeck is Shafik Hirji’s nominee in charge of dealing with a nearly $24,000 tax debt, owed to the state of Nevada. Poor Devin. I doubt he really understood all he was in for when he made the Yasmin Brown-Shafik Hirji connection.

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