Judy Pham & Shafik Hirji Live the Good Life Despite $300,000 Renewal of Judgment and Ignores Permanent Injunction Issued by State of Nevada Attorney General’s Office

Shafik Hirji’s Mercedes (left), Shafik Hirji’s Seven Hills home (center), Mercedes seen driven by Judy Pham (right). Please note, none of the vehicles or the house are in Shafik Hirji’s or Judy Pham’s name. Loans are in the names of nominees. Click image to enlarge for more detail.

Judy Pham has been seen driving her Mercedes to InStyle furniture (above photo, right) almost always accompanied by her expensive Louis Vitton and Chanel purses seemingly with out a care in the world. Allegedly, Shafik Hirji pledged as part of yet another loan, several of the Purrfect Auto/USA Auto stores he allegedly controls via proxies and nominees. The details are sketchy, but we’ve been given information that even though a permanent injunction exists, through the help of Judy Phan and others Shafik Hirji allegedly has control of eight-plus USA/Purrfect auto stores — this according to a source.

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