Hung V. Luong is Suddenly Popping Up in a Lot of Places in Shafik Hirji’s Sphere of Influence

Hung V. Luong must be an impressive guy. His name has come to light recently in a number of places, most notably as the President of the USA Auto Service on Decatur Blvd. here in Las Vegas (see graphic above — an enhanced screen shot from the Better Business Bureau). By all accounts, Hung V. Luong allegedly is yet another Shafik Hirji straw man, put in place as a nominee — a proxy — for yet another Shafik Hirji-manipulated business, in my opinion.

Remember, Judy Pham and Shafik Hirji have a recently renewed judgment against them from the Attorney General’s Office in the state of Nevada from previous shady dealings at both USA Auto and Purrfect Auto that totals more than $300,000 and counting.

Hung V. Luong (is his middle name, “Very”?) also has been put in place, allegedly by Judy Pham (Shafik Hirji’s supposedly estranged wife — she filed for divorce earlier this year on June 6) and Tony Luong, as the Director of the recently created InStyle Furniture Inc. It looks suspiciously very much like the other Shafik Hirji furniture business, Furniture Fashions (which has three stores in the Las Vegas area).

You gotta hand it to Shady Shafik Hirji — when he finds something that works, he allegedly just keeps replicating it over and over and over again — kind of like an offensive coordinator in the NFL who keeps running the same play over and over and over again until the defense figures out how to stop it. In other words, it looks like Shafik Hirji’s hands are off the wheel and he’s not driving, but he’s sure in the car directing each and every move, in my honest opinion. To me, it’s as plain as the nose on my face.

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