InStyle Furniture Inc., Judy Pham & Family – Tony Luong, Hung V. Luong Have All Been Part of the Shafik Nominee Train

Employees, nominees and bankruptcies are all part of the Shady Shafik Hirji train and his years of shady dealings across multiple business entities.

Shafik Hirji claims that Judy Pham started these with her family and that he is upset that she left and she royally screwed him. On the other hand, Shafik Hirji and Shafik Brown have over $140,000 (allegedly) in lease payments for the stores, absolutely owe investors more than $1,600,000 million dollars, excluding vendors, advertising, payroll, etc.

Is it really mutiny & mayhem or just Shady Shafik Hirji’s next move? Only time, the discovery process in my current ongoing lawsuit, subpoenas and depositions will tell.

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