Shafik Hirji News: Website Breaks 100,000 Organic Page Views Since Launch

I must be doing something right here at central. We’ve broken the 100,000 page views barrier on this website!

People must be interested. People must be talking. exists to expose all the shady dealings, in my humble opinion, that Shafik Hirji has been associated with over the course of his “career” — if you want to call it that.

Shafik Hirji has had several brushes with the law over the past 30 years or so. Much of it is documented within this website, but there’s more to tell, and I’m still continuing with my discovery process of this felonious individual. It’s amazing. I seem to come across new information on a weekly basis. There’s no end in sight.

So keep coming back for more updates. It warms my heart to know that we’re truly spreading the word on the shady dealings, in my opinion, of Shafik Hirji. Let’s get this baby going viral, people! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!

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