Judy Pham & Shafik Hirji – Nevada Attorney General’s Office Renews Judgment on Aug. 1, 2017 of Over $300,000

Validation is a beautiful thing. The above image of a court document, in part, shows the Renewal of Judgment by the state of Nevada regarding Shafik Hirji in the amount of $218,474.93 plus attorney’s fees in the amount of $75,000 and legal interest accruing since October 13, 2010.


Another item of note in the file: “No payments have been made on the Judgment or Findings of Fact.”

That’s a heck of a lot of money ringing up over the past seven years for Shafik Hirji and Judy Pham, still living a great lifestyle none-the-less. Expensive Mercedes, BMWs, Louis Vitton purses, etc. … oh, and by the way, did I mention In Style Furniture? (More to come on that.) Shafik Hirji and Judy Pham still seems to be able to run their various business enterprises in the open, dumping all kinds of cash into the bank week after week. Shafik and Judy still seem to get away with not paying the state anything.

Anyway, great job, Mr. Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt!

To read the entire file, please click here to download the PDF: Renewal of Judgment

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