Shafik Hirji’s World: A Day in the Life of a Manipulator (IMHO) Who Leaves No Stone Unturned in His Quest to Find & Use Nominees to Run His Affairs

I’d like to take you inside the life of “Shady” Shafik Hirji, the manipulator (In My Humble Opinion), who stops at nothing to leverage any relationship he has to run his various business enterprises. It doesn’t matter who you are, Shafik is a serial manipulator going back decades.

Because of his shady dealings (including being the target of a sting operation in Nevada — read up on that in this post: Nevada AG’s Office Judgment and Permanent Injunction) and numerous brushes with the law, Shafik has used pretty much anyone in his life to help him get what he wants, in my opinion. They include anyone from total strangers he’s befriended, to customers (which is how I got involved with him) on one end of the spectrum all the way to wives, sons and daughters (and their boyfriends) on the other end of the spectrum.

Not a single car that he is seen in technically belongs to him — his name is not credit-worthy, he can’t sign for those cars himself, he uses children and family members to sign so Shafik the Big Shot can drive around in Mercedes and/or BMWs.

He’s got a trail of nominees, proxies and straw men from California to Nevada to Florida. He’s a multi-state manipulator in my opinion. Just check out the many other posts on this website that detail all of the shenanigans he’s been in the middle of.

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