Shafik Hirji and Brandy Brown a k a @brandy_blu Allegedly Receives $3,500 Recently (But No Kissing and No Sex!)

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@BrandyannBrown (Twitter)

From the first time I sat at the Foundation Room with Shafik Hirji and Brandy Brown ( a k a, Brandy Blu — check out this link), she was as phony as he was. Every other word out of her mouth: “baby this,” “baby that” … there was no real PDA (public display of affection) between the two.

I’m not sure what this girl’s objective in life is, to be a model and post provocative photos — possibly a Kardashian wannabe, minus the millions — or to hang out with old guys and get paid (and I fall in the “old guy” category too — LMAO, ROTFL). Either way, I don’t see a real bright future for Brandy Blu — in my opinion. None the less, another tip from the Shafik Snitch Line said that apparently she was recently paid an additional $3,500 but it wasn’t really clear why or what for, except that she had commented that Shady Shafik, after much drama, finally paid her. I look forward to subpoenaing records to see where the money actually came from. If I know Shafik, he probably wrote a check, or had one of his many nominees do it. Only time and 1099s will tell.

Allegedly, there was a trip to New York that they both went on. They stayed at the same hotel, but in separate rooms. Here are some of the details I wrote up in this previous post:

“I was told by a credible source that Shafik allegedly paid her bills of approximately $7,500 a month and gave her spending money in addition to that. But there were conditions that Brandy demanded: no kissing and no sex. (Allegedly she told a source that she had to carry mints to give to him because his breath was so bad — that and that he had a really cheap toupee.)”

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