Shady Shafik Hirji Dupes Nevada State Attorney General, Never Pays a Dime, Judgment About to Expire; Still Operates Through Nominees

I find it amazing how Shafik Hirji continues to operate by using nominees like his daughter, Yasmin Brown; her live-in boyfriend, Devin Neudeck; son Shafik Brown and others to follow Shady Shafik Hirji directives, in my opinion, on how to handle the various business entities he has his fingers in, like three Furniture Fashions stores, a number of Purrfect Auto service shops, a number of USA Auto service shops and other corporations and operations.

All the while, Shady Shafik’s wife, Judy Pham, who has filed for divorce (seeking almost nothing in compensation), still lurks around town in the background in Shafik-provided Mercedes and BMWs with expensive purses and other high-end Las Vegas “accoutrements” associated with the jet-setter flashiness here in town.

All this is going on while former employees allegedly still can’t cash out their final paychecks and many other one-time employees allegedly have lost jobs and their ability to earn a paycheck because of Shady Shafik’s shenanigans (my opinion) that lead to yet other businesses being closed down.

There are winners and losers in this story, and besides those who lost jobs or can’t cash their final paychecks, others who lost out are the Nevada Attorney General’s office and the citizens of Nevada who still must contend with this man continuing to remain on the loose. He was the target of a Nevada State Attorney General’s sting operation that resulted in him getting slapped with a default judgment and permanent injunction (see graphic below and see full documentation here) because of businesses he ran scamming the public, yet he still allegedly continues to pull the strings behind the scenes through these various nominees (who are either witting or unwitting accomplices, but accomplices none-the-less) running several of the same business he got nailed for for bilking citizens out of their money by scamming them regarding auto repairs either not needed or not completed. And Shady Shafik moves money in and out of bank accounts with — in my opinion — very suspect deposits and withdrawals. Again, in my opinion, it’s something that bears further investigation by the Nevada State Attorney General’s office.

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