Shafik Hirji Uses His Daughter, Yasmin Brown’s Live-in Boyfriend, Devin Neudeck, as Nominee for Fusion Enterprises Inc, DBA USA Auto Service #2

Shafik Hirji has been using his daughter’s (Yasmin Brown) live-in boyfriend, Devin Neudeck, as a nominee for a venture known as Fusion Enterprises, Inc, which is doing business as (DBA) USA Auto Service #2 on Fort Apache Road right here in Las Vegas.

Take a look at the images above. You’ll see in the top one, Devin Neudeck, listed as the Registered Agent, President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Director of Fusion Enterprises Inc, DBA USA Auto Services #2. In the image second from top, you’ll see a check that a disgruntled former employee got from the entity, signed by Devin Neudeck.

According to Jesse, the former employee, he’s had a difficult time getting paid and it took him a while to get the check shown above. Allegedly, as of today according to Jesse, he’s been unable to negotiate the check for cash. In layman’s terms, that means he hasn’t been able to cash the check.

According to Jesse, Judy Pham is alive and well, showing up to the different stores she allegedly oversees, with her signature, very expensive Louis Vitton purse, and driving a new Mercedes or BMW. Life seems to be good for Judy.

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