The Day Shafik Hirji Refused to Show Me Wells Fargo Bank Statements (After $1 Million Had Been Deposited)

Shafik Hirji’s troubles started when he bounced a $4,000 check to an investor after having previously received $1 Million. How do you bounce a check for $4,000 after just receiving one million dollars? I demanded to see the bank statements. The next contact I got from Shafik Hirji was not from him but from his attorney, Harry P. Marquis. Interesting. Lawyering up the minute he gets asked about banking transactions, money, and cash flow. Marquis initially promised to produce the bank statements, but it took months for me to get them. Here’s what I found:

As you can see, all of these transactions were structured to be under $10,000 on the same day. They’re not duplicates, check the highlighted sequencing numbers. (Interesting how there are no check numbers on the checks, serving to further confuse, bewilder and hide.) How much painting and tiling can a guy do? It appears that his son Shafik Brown’s signature appears on these checks. After consulting several different people, I was told to consider the possibility of this being an alleged “structuring” scheme. That’s a term that the IRS uses to label transactions that appear to be set up to avoid having to report funds transfers of more than $10,000 per incidence. Now,  remember, I’m only a high school graduate, so I had to do a little homework on this. I did an internet search that returned these results:

Five checks in one day for under $10,000 each for a total of almost $50,000? And you read the definition of structuring, right? I’ll let you make the call. What do you think is going on here?


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