Furniture Fashions Las Vegas Has Criminals Like Jayme (A K A “Sherpa Jay”) Chitamin on Payroll

Furniture Fashions Las Vegas, unknown to me, sent a criminal into my home whose past criminal activity involved a running gun battle an drug dealing activity.  (See police report

As quoted in part from the police report:

“It appeared the attempted robbery call [that Chitamin was involved in, which police responded to] may actually have been a conflict between all of the mentioned subjects that resulted in a running gun battle between the buyers and the sellers of a drug deal gone bad.”

Never has a post gotten so much attention than that of the one I put up that highlighted the stupidity of convicted felon Shady Shafik Hirji and his criminal associate, Jayme Chitamin. It was brought to my attention that Jayme Chitamin, A K A “Sherpa Jay,” was also the manager of the ill-fated and now closed Hatari Restaurant & Sports Bar at Boulevard Mall. Also, Chitamin, in addition to being the chief cook, bottle washer and manager, was the guy who would go into your house, hang chandeliers and do other odd jobs for Furniture Fashions, Las Vegas.

For those who were fortunate enough to have never eaten there, the food resembled that of a “D”-grade restaurant. To say it was awful was an understatement.

When you reward a criminal by giving him a BMW to drive (which one of Hirji’s kids signed for) who has been arrested for allegedly engaging in a “running gun battle” while in the middle of a “drug deal gone bad,” that speaks volumes to one’s character; however, we are talking ab0ut Jayme Chitamin (A K A “Sherpa Jay”) and Shady Shafik Hirji. So no real surprises there, in my humble opinion.


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