Furniture Fashions Las Vegas Hires People Like Jayme Chitamin, Whose Arrest Record Speaks for Itself

Jayme Chitamin arrested

Shady Shafik Hirji sent his proxy, Jayme “Cholo-wannabe” Chitamin — who in my opinion is a thug — to court to intimidate me. That’s a statement of fact. You probably know a few people who are not thugs. Line them up next to this guy and you tell me who the thug is. Just take a look at this “Cholo’s” record. This graphic is from page 8 and 9 of his arrest record (if you click on the image below, they’re large enough to read in their entirety):

Just check out some of the highlighted areas of these two documents and read what they have to say:

• “Attempted robbery call may have actually been a conflict between all of the mentioned subjects [including Jayme Chitamin] that resulted in a running gun battle between the buyers and the sellers of a narcotics deal gone bad.”
• “Grajeda confirmed that the shooting was the result of a drug deal gone bad.”
• “A Masterpiece Arms 9MM Tec-9 assault gun …”
• “A 9MM Taurus PT 24-7 pro handgun … ”
• “Chitamin … grabbed his 9MM handgun … fired a shot down the east end of the breezeway where he believed the first armed suspect may still be standing. Chitamin then fired a second shot down the stairs where he believed the second and third armed suspects might still be. Chitamin said he fired two or three shots total.
• “Chitamin lied to me about discharging his firearm and filed a false police report by completing a witness statement saying he never discharged a weapon, and the fact that Chitamin attempted to hide evidence of his discharging a firearm by having Grajeda stash his gun, I placed Chitamin in handcuffs and told him he was under arrest for obstructing a police officer. I told Chitamin he was also being charged with discharging a firearm into an occupied dwelling, since the bullet found lodged in the neighboring apartment appeared to have come from the shot he told me he fired in that direction.”

That’s some upstanding citizen, isn’t it? Jayme Chitamin. Shady Shafik, do not attempt to intimidate me by sending a Cholo-wannabe punk into a court room to threaten me verbally and then attempt to illegally record the court proceedings. If this wasn’t so serious (drug deals, shootings), I’d be LMAO ROFL! I mean talk about  your famous comedy duos: Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Lewis & Martin, and now we have Hirji & Chitamin — your newest screwball comedy team! (Actually, truth be told, I am laughing my a** off, rolling on the floor laughing!)

I can’t make up this stuff. No one would believe me. But here you have it, right there in the highlighted police report.

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