Shady Shafik Crosses the Line, Sending Someone to Threaten and Intimidate Me in Court; Time to Look at Alyssa Hirji and All Other Family Members

I have decided after being screwed by Shady Shafik Hirji (and Furniture Fashions’ 42,000-foot Store No. 4 at the corner of Sunset and Stephanie in Henderson, NV,) that it’s time to look deep into all of Shady Shafik Hirji’s nominees. Shafik’s behavior will no longer be tolerated. He’s a low-life scumbag who recognizes no barriers to his behavior. He’s a convicted felon and was arrested for bankruptcy fraud. He ignores court orders (permanent injunction, attorney general’s office, state of Nevada). His only visible asset seems to be money that he should receive through a personal injury case from a car accident. (See image above)

Shady Shafik Hirji has stated this to several people in reference to this website — who would post things about his children? Very simple reason: Shafik Hirji cannot and does not have anything in his personal name. They are not just his children, but they are nominees that he uses to get to sign for expensive Mercedes’, BMWs and houses and when they can no longer fulfill their obligations, he sends them to bankruptcy court. They are part and parcel to his scheme of hiding assets and establishing staw ownerships. My question to Shady Shafik is: Who does this to their children to obtain material possessions? A total loser, a scumbag in my opinion. And his name is Shady Shafik Hirji.

One thing that’s really disturbing is the fact that Alyssa Hirji has been admitted to the bar in three states, Florda, Nevada and the District of Columbia. According to background checks, she has allegedly listed a place of employment as none other than Purrfect Auto. She is a 28-year-old lawyer. What is her reasoning behind signing for cars? Only time, subpoenas and depositions will tell the answer.

Alyssa Hirji (lawyer)
Rahim Hirji (multi-million dollar bankruptcy)
Shafik Brown (nominee signer)
Yasmin Brown (nominee signer)
Judy Pham (seeking divorce, overseer of Purrfect Auto and USA Auto shops)

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