Jayme A. Chitamin Shows Up in Court on Shady Shafik’s Behalf and Almost Gets Arrested (Toothless Moron)

What was that movie called, “Straight Outta Pahrump”? Or something like that. As I was sitting waiting for court to start, I see “Cholo” Wannabe Jayme (The Criminal) Chitamin. The reason I call him a criminal is that he was dumb enough to be arrested, which we will detail in great length in a future post, and was charged with, plead guilty to, and was convicted of possession of a concealed weapon. And, boy, is there more to that story.

I confronted “Cholo” Chitamin and he stated he was in court to observe on behalf of Shady Shafik, his boss. He also made threats that were inappropriate and overall displayed the behavior of a mental midget. “Cholo” Chitamin, trying to be very clever, pulled out his cell phone in Nevada District Court and started recording the court proceedings. At the end of the hearing, “Cholo” Chitamin was detained by the judge’s marshall, who went through is cell phone, and I believe began deleting images. The judge gave him a stern warning. He’s lucky he wasn’t arrested.

So Shady Shafik once again tries to intimidate me in a court of law. No-go “Cholo” Hirji!

The reason I coined the phrase, “Cholo” is that Jayme Chitamin showed up wearing a plaid shirt buttoned to the top, sunglasses, like he was all that and then some. According to the Urban Dictionary, a “cholo” is a term implying a Hispanic male that typically dresses in chinos (khahki pants), a wifebeater sleeveless tee-shirt or a flannel shirt, often with only the top button buttoned, sometimes with a hairnet or with a bandana around the forehead. (See illustration at top). After what I consider was threatening and intimidating criminal conduct in a district court, I decided to do a background check on young “Cholo” Chitamin. (See case details below)

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