Judy Pham Files for Divorce From Shady Shafik Hirji;
She Asks For Almost Nothing? Why?


Is this divorce real, Judy Pham vs. Shady Shafik? Or is it a sham?

I’ve been sitting on this information for more than a month. Over the weekend, a gentleman claiming to have an association with Purrfect Auto and USA Auto said Judy was done with Shafik. This divorce filing confirms that, but with Shady Shafik, you never know.

The part that bothered me the most: no alimony. In the state of Nevada, after 10 years of marriage you’re entitled to it.

I wasn’t sure if Judy was an accomplice or a victim in her connection with Shady Shafik Hirji and his various business dealings. Maybe this divorce sets that record straight.

But was it a ploy, was it just another of Shafik’s shady moves? Who knows with Shady Shafik?

Shafik told me the Judy’s entire family was involved in his Furniture Fashions stores — and to some extent Shady Shafik’s auto store entities, Purrfect Auto Service and USA Auto Service and that he had complete control over her and her family. He said he controlled everything about her — the car she drove, the house she lived in, the clothes she wears, the purse she carries and all the money in it. He was quite proud of that kind of control.

A real low-life scumbag in my opinion.

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