Shafik Hirji, Cry Baby — Bashing Me About Putting Up Website, But Totally Overlooks the
$8 Million That Went Through Her Bank of America Account


Shafik Hirji will tell just about anybody that will take the time to listen to him how upset he is that I’m “picking on” his 22-year-old daughter. The truth of the matter is, his daughter wouldn’t be the focus of my attention had he not given me bank statements from DBA Brown Enterprises (below). Shafik Hirji is a convicted felon who is the subject of a permanent injunction issued by the state of Nevada Attorney General’s office. Shafik Hirji has no choice but to use nominees. Shafik uses his children, then rewards them with expensive Mercedes and BMWs. Let’s not forget the Champagne Spa fiascos, which are still fresh in the news media. My opinion of Shafik, based on his own behavior and actions, is that of a low-life scumbag who only cares about his own guilty pleasures in life and disregards the welfare of his children. In my mind, when do Shafik’s children become co-conspirators, rather than victims? It’s pretty clear that when you’re 22 and 23 and drive cars valued at close to $100,000 that you’re complicit in the activity with your father.

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