YasminBrown.net Site Launch

Yasmin Brown is surfacing as a central figure (a nominee) for Shafik Hirji in controlling funds of Purrfect Auto, USA Auto, Champagne Salon & Spas and of course Sprit Taekwondo. Please click the image below to be taken to YasminBrown.net:


  1. me always

    While everything you wrote has merit and tangible and creditable evidence to back your statements, HOWEVER I feel making a website about Yasmin Brown, the daughter is reprehensible! She is young and obviously still seeking approval from men and to bash a sexually abused female is despicable! You will never know what a female goes through and will continue to go through after a tragic experience such as sexual assault. I beg and plea to you as a human-being to remove “her” personal page. As a victim of sexual abuse I am disgusted by this extensive act you have created. Yes, attack the man in question but leave true victims of circumstance out of it, please.

  2. Steve (Post author)

    I understand your sensitivity to the subject of sexual abuse, however the credibility question revolves around her having a bank account that funnels more than $8 million through it and the fact that she drives around in very expensive Mercedes. You say she is young, and she is, relatively speaking, but in reality, she’s a 23-year-old adult — a status that the eyes of federal, state and local law recognize. The only man she seems to be seeking approval from is her father, as evidenced by the nearly $9 million bank account and driving cars that individually cost north of six figures.

    And you use the term, “bash.” I’m not at all bashing. I’m simply shining a light on facts that often aren’t exposed to the general public. And you acknowledge that everything I wrote “has merit” and is “tangible and creditable evidence.” So I’ll leave it at that.


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