Shafik Hirji Hires Daniel Marks, Las Vegas Attorney, to Represent Him Against Me (LOL!)

Shafik Hirji has made comments to several people about his new “super lawyer” Daniel Marks — and Adam Levine, who I think of more as Laurel & Hardy. Adam Levine has bad-mouthed me to a prominent Las Vegas attorney in several negative connotations. I have ignored this mental midget, Adam Levine, as just another arrogant, cocky, bully attorney. I look forward to scrutinizing both Marks and Levine in a very open public forum, expressing my opinion, called the “Internet.” At any time, if Daniel Moredechi Marks or Adam “Mental Midget” Levine don’t like what I’ve posted, I urge them to file suit.

As for Shafik Hirji, who openly admits that he has nothing in his name and no money anyone can attach, it’s interesting when he gets in a jam how he’s always able to come up with large sums of money to hire attorneys. I was told it took Shafik Hirji a little doing to scrape up the retainer to pay Marks. As I sit here and reflect on my relationship with Shafik Hirji and his diminishing capacity to pay people, I have to ask myself how long will he be able to pay Marks’ and Levine’s attorney fees? Click below to be redirected to the website that I call to look at my opinion and views about Marks and Levine.

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